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~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Giveaway! ~*~

To thank you for your part in making Mixed Media May a success, several of our Featured Artists have donated prizes to our giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is a leave a comment below. If you’d like an extra chance at winning, answer any three of the Mixed Media May questions (YouContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Jenny Grant ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Mixed-media means freedom and bliss. Freedom to express my inner voice. There are no rules and no mistakes. Everything adds to the final piece. I use whatever material or media that is available and I paint in many layers. If there is a part that I do not likeContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Ardith Goodwin ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Mixed Media, for me, is the combination of two or more mediums and nothing, short of body fluids or living organisms are off limits. I give myself the freedom to try just about anything that can make a mark or visual impact, and that has led to a lot of interestingContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Susan M. Walls ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Mixed media encompasses the heart of how I think about and approach my art. It is a mix of many different genres all tossed together and no one item category is left out. It means I can mix glass with metal, plastic and paper, resin and flowers, or useContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Jenelle Van de Mortel ~*~

What does Mixed Media mean to you? First, let me say that I am so honored to be a part of Mixed Media May. Last year I greatly enjoyed reading interviews by my favorite Mixed Media artists–and to be included this year is nothing short of a thrill! Okay, back to what Mixed Media meansContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Jeanette House ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? For me, “mixed media” means creating without limitation on the what or the how. Complete creative freedom of expression through whichever means I choose. How long have you been a mixed-media artist? I’ve been painting and drawing since I was a small child but my art somehow got parked when studies andContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Joanna Grant ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Beyond the dictionary definition, mixed media, to me, is the freedom to do whatever I want to with my art. It means no rules, no barriers, no restrictions. Mixed media is unlimited possibilities. It is wide-open experimentation. It is the ideal vehicle for discovery of new techniques, new usesContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Mixed Media for me was the door to a whole new perspective in art. It`s not only about using different art supplies all together but it`s about using that elements to show an specific emotion, it`s about your own and unique view of the world. How long have youContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Adele Thomas ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Creating art with whatever I can get my hands on that works with the ideas that are inspiring me at the time. I love to use old computer components, LED lights, old clock parts, old copper wire from old wiring, old clothes, sheets, gardening supplies, earth, plants, keys andContinue Reading

~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Edie Cournoyer ~*~

What does mixed-media mean to you? Mixed Media means using multiple mediums to create a work of art. Mixed media, to me can range from something as simple as graphite and ink to something as elaborate as a collage with acrylic, watercolor and 3-D elements and everything in between! The reason I love mixed mediaContinue Reading