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To meet this year’s artists, just visit the Interviews tab!

May 2014 promises to be very exciting! Mixed Media May is shaping up to be extraordinary. I do hope you will visit often to see what kinds of treasures our artists have to share. As in the past two years, there is a variety of styles and skill levels represented — you’re sure to find something that inspires you! And, of course, we have something special planned for Saturday, 31 May!

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The fun has begun! To read this year’s interviews, just visit the Interviews tab!

May, 2013 is almost upon us — and that means another round of Mixed Media May: An Annual Blog Celebration of Mixed Media Artists! I’m so excited to share this year’s interviews with you. Included are some new friends and some really talented artists. I can’t believe how fortunate we are to be visited by such an amazing group of mixed media artists! I promise that the diversity of answers to the interview questions and the art displayed will just blow you away! There will be some really great stuff here! As last year, there will be a variety of styles and skill levels shared with you. I hope you’ll visit every day to see what M3 has in store! I promise, you’ll be inspired!

Just like last year, we have 30 amazing interviews to share with you. Thursday, 31 May, will be a special day; be sure to visit then! HINT: There will be prizes!

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Welcome to Mixed Media May: An Annual Blog Celebration of Mixed Media Artists!

This is a project that has been close to my heart for a long time. I originally conceived of the idea a few years ago, but I was just too overwhelmed by possibilities to bring it to fruition. Then one day, I ran across Connie Hozvicka’s 30 Journals 30 Days project, and Mixed Media May suddenly became doable! This site looks and sounds a great deal like her site, not because I wanted to copy her, but because Connie organized her project so well!

For 30 days in May, I’ll feature a different mixed media artist. Every artist was asked the same questions, but their answers are wildly different! Each contributor has also shared some of their favorite mixed media artwork to be featured along with their interview. Prepare to be wowed! The artwork is amazing and the styles are vastly divergent. I promise you’ll be inspired each day.

Maybe you’ve already picked up on this … May has 31 days! I have something special planned for the 31st day. I think you’ll like it, so be sure to follow the project to the end!

If you’d like to show your support for the project, feel free to grab a badge to put on your website. Please spread the word about Mixed Media May on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. In order for this project to be a success for everyone involved, we need to get the word out!

Putting together the Mixed Media May project has been so much fun — and educational! I’ve honed my organizing skills a little bit and advanced my web design skills. But the most fun was working with the mixed media artists that are featured on this blog. Artists can be so gracious when asked to talk about their work and their favorite tools & techniques, and these artists were no different.