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What does mixed-media mean to you?

Mixed Media, for me, is the combination of two or more mediums and nothing, short of body fluids or living organisms are off limits. I give myself the freedom to try just about anything that can make a mark or visual impact, and that has led to a lot of interesting combinations. Currently, my favorite combos are water soluble graphite and fluid acrylics, with a bit of coffee added in.


How long have you been a mixed-media artist?

Because I am self-taught, I started actively creating art in 2003 but focused on watercolors back then. In 2005, after having a medical procedure, I was forced to spend a great deal of time in bed, so a friend suggested I try collage, which I could do reclined. After thousands of pieces of cut paper, I began to see the freedom of mixing mediums compared to only using one. The combination of paper with paint was totally addicting and my love for mixed media art was born.


How has art impacted or enhanced your life?

Art has been a life changing journey for me. Back in 2002, I was an elementary school teacher at the top of my professional career. Sadly, my spine had issues and I ended up having to give up my teaching career to give my body a better chance of healing. To date, I have had 26 surgeries, mostly orthopedic on my spine and joints, along with a spinal cord injury. To meet me, you would never know it, and I thank my gift of art, faith, and family for transforming my life. I live every day as a creative, seeing the potential in the moment, staying amazed and mystified at color, systems, patterns, and textures. Art has given me the ability to continue using the innate gifts I was given to work through my healing process, share my artistic and medical story. I now teach art through classes and workshops, along with an extensive online network of being connected with creatives worldwide.  Art is the driving force behind me being the best person I can be on any given day next to my faith.


What are a few of the mixed-media supplies that you find yourself using the most?

I have fallen in love with Golden Fluid Acrylics, water soluble graphite, and Holbein watercolors. The pigment load in these paints just makes my inner child sing and I use them on a daily basis not only in my journal but in my fine art work as well. As an art journaler, paint pens are a favorite, especially neon ones, and the use of collage papers in all my work is something that I can’t seem to live without. Then again, you will rarely find me without my Inktense  Neocolor sticks as well as Portfolio oil pastels.

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Who are some of your favorite mixed-media artists?

Francois Vassiviere, Basquiat, Lynne Perrella, Nick Lamia, Nancy Standlee, Spencer Herr, Wendy McWilliams just to name a few and when it comes to art journaling I would have to say Juliana Coles and Orly Avineri are two of my most favorite to date.


Tell us about your creative process.

That would be ‘processes’ for me. Because I use multiple mediums my process is a bit different for each one, but there is an underlying set of steps that I take which gets me to the beginning of each one. Journaling is the gatekeeper for most of my creative journeys.  I keep mixed media journals, sketchbooks, idea books, I even write on my hands if it is all that I have to keep from losing an idea. If I have access to the internet, I use Pinterest a great deal to keep visual boards or studies as well. Each morning I start the day creating some sort of art in a 30 min time frame, which I would say would be my morning pages. Once I embraced life as a creative, I pretty much live and breathe that way of life, so the creative process is cyclical for me, never ending, and one aspect of the circle always impacts another.


What inspires you?

Inspiration, for me, comes from so many different sources. A story of overcoming great odds is inspiring, the efforts of a lifelong job of hard work is inspiring, the passion of love and relationships are inspiring, and consistent faith is as well. All of these elements inspire my writing, my point of view, or my series of works…and then there is color. From my waking breath to my vivid dreams I have always been inspired and drawn to color, outrageous color. The way nature paints a landscape or flower petal, the way the sky reflects the light spectrum, the way the colors dance through transparent glass, and the many arrays of hues and saturations that surround me totally inspire my entire body of work. Add that to a fascination with structures, be it skeletal, contemporary, or architectural and the act of mark making is something I MUST do.  Within all of that I have a complete fascination of the odd, the whimsical, and the weird which does appear throughout much of my work as well.


Where can we find you?

My Website – www.ardithgoodwin.com

Google+ – https://plus.google.com/108112557629934458248

My Google+ Mixed Media Community – http://bit.ly/WivtIF

My Art Journal – http://ardithsart.blogspot.com

My Collage Blog – http://ardithscollage.blogspot.com

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/goodwinart

FB – https://www.facebook.com/ardithgoodwin

FB Fan Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Artwork-of-Ardith-Goodwin/152181337825?ref=hl

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ardith-goodwin/2b/aba/6a7/

me Ardith Goodwin is a Creative at heart, specializing in watercolors, mixed media, and collage. She is a founding member of Art(ology) Gallery and Gifts in Mobile,, Alabama, and teaches art classes and workshops along the Gulf Coast. Ardith also is moderator of All Things Mixed Media, a mixed media community on the Google+ network along with being an avid blog writer and content creator.

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