~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Carol Bray ~*~

What does mixed-media art mean to you?

I think of it as being a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a few other mediums thrown into the pot. When I’ve created my mixed-media art, I have felt like a little kid, again, making a mess and having fun! I also think of mixed-media art as being very inspirational, either with the inspiring art words and phrases and/or looking at all the texture and forms that this art creation has taken on.

How long have you been a mixed-media artist?

Oh dear, I think I might be the baby or toddler of those you have been interviewing. I only started into mixed media in December 2011. Prior to that time, I was an artist in other mediums.

How has your art impacted or enhanced your life?

OMG, where do I begin!! ART IS MY LIFE! I can’t imagine living without it anymore. Everything I do seems to revolve around art. I carry my camera with me everywhere so I can take photos to inspire me and add to my knowledge. I look at colors, patterns, nature, and everything else around me with different eyes. It is a part of me and I a part of it! Just within this past year my life has changed so radically because of my art. When I left to head back north to Michigan a year ago, I had no dream or idea I would be where I am today with my art. In a years’ time I have set up a shop on Etsy, I have a blog, I’ve taken numerous online classes where I’ve met so many other inspiring artists and have become part of a private facebook group of artist friends.

What are a few of the mixed-media supplies you find yourself using the most?

I can’t create any art without paint and brushes. That’s number one! I also have to have my gel medium, canvas, stamps, tissue paper, old books and homemade paper I get from an artist back home in Michigan.

Who are some of your favorite mixed-media artists?

There are numerous others that I admire also. I could go on and on but I think these few will give you an idea of the kind of mixed-media art I like and who has helped inspire me.

What makes your mixed-media art unique?

I’m still in the exploring stages for myself, but I know that all of my mixed-media art must contain a good portion of painting. My paints and brushes and I have a love affair with one another. I also want to develop my own signature style. I hope to eventually paint large eyes on my girls and to do more mixed-media art with nature. I also want my words of inspiration to be faith based or to lead you in that direction.

Where can we find you?

About Carol Bray: I live on the west side of Michigan, about 35 minutes away from Lake Michigan. My husband, whom I refer to as Mr. Cottage in my blog, and I really do have a red painted cottage on a lake that we live in for the summer months. We are fortunate to be able to spend our winters in Sarasota, Florida. I have always loved art, even as a young girl! In the late 1980’s I quit a job to pursue basketweaving as a career. I taught basketweaving and did fine art shows around the country until 1998. It wasn’t until about 3-4 years ago, while in Florida, that I started learning how to paint with watercolor. I was hooked from the beginning! Mr. Cottage and I will have been married 44 years this coming August. We have three sons, each married, and three wonderful grandchildren.

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  1. Jill says:

    Great interview with Carol – love the pictures you’ve shared as well. I agree so much that creating mixed media art makes you feel like a child – it’s so freeing!


  2. Carol,
    You are one brave girl!!! You have accomplished so much in following your dreams.

  3. Congrats on the feature. Such beautiful art. I’m inspired!

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