~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Jacqui Fehl ~*~

What does mixed media mean to you?

Freedom to create, to play, to express myself using whatever inspires me. (or whatever I have on hand). I like that there are no rules and that I can use materials in creative or unintended ways. Mixed media appeals to my restless nature and my need to explore.


How long have you been a mixed media artist?
hmmmmm…..I’ve always been creative and have been “making stuff” for as long as I can remember. I went from Beadwork to fiber, to mixed media. I’ve been serious about my art and actually calling myself an artist for about the last 18 months or so.


How has art impacted or enhanced your life?
Art is my salvation. It is how I express myself, how I speak…and also how I listen.

Art connects me to myself, to my thoughts, my feelings and emotions. I’m often surprised what I find buried. When I look back at what I created a year ago, I know EXACTLY what was happening in my life and how I was feeling.

More importantly, art connects me to others. If one of my paintings inspires, brings joy, or resonates in some way with someone, we become less separate, less alone. It’s more than just validating as an artist, it is a healing of sorts.


What are a few of the mixed media supplies you find yourself turning to the most?
The mixed media supplies I’m currently turning to most are bowl scrapers for pushing paint around, tissue paper and dress patterns, chalk and oil pastels, india ink, paint markers, and my 9XXB graphite pencil. Of course, if you ask me next month, I would probably list a completely different list. I’m fickle.


Who are some of your favorite mixed media artists?
I have so many!! I know that as soon as I send this off, I will remember so many more. I’m wildly inspired by other artists!

Okay, off the top of my head, some of my favorite mixed media artists are:


Tell us about your creative process.
My creative process is mostly intuitive. I may start out with an idea for a subject matter, or a color palette, or perhaps even an emotion I wish to convey, but I never really know what the end result will be. Sometimes I play music and other times I paint in complete silence. Using a combination of pastels, various papers, graphite, paints and paint markers, I usually begin by building up layers for a background. I prefer a smooth surface so I choose wood, paper or record albums for substrates. Once in a great while, I will grab a canvas, but that is rare. The entire process is combination of layering on, removing, covering up and revealing. I always work on multiple pieces at a time so as one layer is drying on a piece, I can work on another. The work I have been most proud of are the ones that “just happened”. I’m rarely pleased with the paintings I’ve tried hard to control.  They often feel forced or tight, and I almost always paint over those.


What makes your mixed-media art unique?
I’m always surprised when people say that they recognize my style. I feel like I’m this excited kid in a candy store and I’m jumping around from one thing to another. I’m always trying new things or materials and I rarely stand still for a minute. I work in both abstract and figurative, but some common elements throughout almost all my work are the use of text, (sometimes legible often not) lines, drips, splatters and scrumbly lines. (is that even a word?)  I have graphite in all my work and I feel that most of it has a touch of grunginess to it, even the brightly colored pieces. I don’t like my work to be too precise or neat and my characters are never “perfect” or beautiful. I’ve never been able to relate to those perfect people. All my characters are a bit flawed.  I think you can recognize the droopy lopsided eyes I favor. I suppose there is a part of “me” in everything I do.


Where can we find you?

Website: http://www.JacquiFehl.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacqui.fehl

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/jacquifehl/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacquifehl

headshot When I lived in Los Angeles, I took up beadwork to fill the long hours on the sets of television sitcoms where I worked as a dialogue coach and stand-in for child actors. I was fortunate to have two of my large beaded art pieces published and featured in exhibits at the Dairy Barn in Ohio and The Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC.After leaving Los Angeles for the mountains of Western North Carolina, my time was focused on raising a family and building my voiceover career. Recently, I have re-discovered my passion for art and have begun painting this past year and a half.When not making art, I make voices for animation, toys, on-hold messages, radio and television commercials. I make music with my band Carolina Rex. I make piles of dirty laundry disappear, delicious homemade bread and quality time with my family. Now, if only I can make more hours in the day!

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  1. Lynn Kopas says:

    Gorgeous art work! I especially love the girl characters!

  2. I am struck by the movement and abandon I see in the work. There’s an imaginative playfulness that really draws me in. In short, I love you and want to be you when I grow up.

  3. Ellen says:

    Such creative and free-spirited art here. Wonderful examples of your broad range of talent. Great interview, too 🙂

  4. Ursula says:

    Glad you took up painting! These are great!!

  5. jacqui fehl says:

    Thanks Everybody, I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement!

  6. Love all your layers! Beautiful and colourful!

  7. gloria says:

    Wonderful colors and freedom in your work – thanks so much for sharing with us.

  8. So inspiring! I just took a white big brush pen and write all over my art background.. Thanks for the inspiration!

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