~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Judy Wood ~*~

What does mixed media mean to you?
I used to consider myself a ‘painter’, mostly watercolor and acrylic. Then I realized that I use many different tools to create, from domino collages to large mixed media paintings/drawings. My goal is to try every media. I’ve worked in clay, metals, stained glass, photography, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and collage. I’ve even tried printmaking with some success. One of the highlights was working in bronze in college. The pieces we sculpted in class were ‘poured’ on a windy October evening, it was a fascinating process.

16x20 Mixed Media

How long have you been a mixed media artist?
Twenty years.

Blue Collage for Michelle

How has art impacted or enhanced your life?
Art, or more specifically, the art of creating, takes me places I’d never dreamed I’d go. I have done several ‘travel series’ in a variety of mediums, I’ve ‘been’ to Rome, Venice, Naples, Paris, London, Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, and the pyramids of Egypt without ever leaving the comfort of my home. I love to draw, paint, and take photos. Creating has changed me, it has changed my family (one son is a musician, one is an artist). I am excited to see my grandchildren creating every time we gather. I am who I am now because of art.

Hush Collage 2

What are a few of the mixed media supplies you find yourself turning to the most?
I have a myriad of art supplies. Recently I’ve been using watercolor paper, tissue paper, matte medium, acrylic paint, and Sumi ink, I love brushes! I have brushes for watercolor, acrylic painting, a travel set or two, and a large variety of brushes to use with ink. it’s always nice to have scissors and glue handy. I also enjoy tearing paper, so I have a tear bar (18” metal ruler) and use it often.


Who are some of your favorite mixed media artists?
My favorite mixed media artist list changes daily. I am always researching new and exciting styles of art. I recently discovered a collage artist, right now her work is some of the most serene and interesting I’ve seen. Her name is Crystal Neubauer. I also admire many of the great masters in Art, Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and some more recent artists Mondrian, and Goldsworthy.


Tell us about your creative process.
I wake up early in the morning, put on a variety of music (often instrumental) and begin. I like to do a little warm up, or ‘prep work’ for projects I have on the agenda for the day. I also keep my art studio organized, sometimes organizing takes a while, depending on how much I’ve done the day before. Lately I prep watercolor paper and while it’s drying, I get some housework done. When I come back later in the morning, I’m ready to go to the next stage of the project. I work on several backgrounds at a time, different colors and themes. I like to use Sumi ink on top of my work, it’s wonderful for details and shading. I often wait until the following day to decide if a piece is truly finished. I never run out of things to do in my studio.

Paris Domino Collage 2

What makes your mixed-media art unique?
Variety, color schemes, and the use of unusual objects.


Where can we find you?
I have a local interest blog and an art blog. I just started my own mixed media YouTube channel. I post most of my work on Facebook and as a poet, I tweet two six word micro poems every day. I am using my six word poems as titles for my recent mixed media work. My forests and trees are showing in an Old Town Scottsdale gallery this spring and summer.

cute girl bw Judy Wood has lived in Arizona since she was 6 years old. She is a mixed media artist. Her artwork can be seen at Dreams Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. Writing poetry is a natural extension of her creativity. Judy has been published in Restless: An Arts Anthology, The Gila River Review, Arizona 100 Years, 100 Poems, 100 Poets, and several on line publications. Judy just put the finishing touches on an autobiographical book of poetry featuring original artwork and photos.

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  1. Beautiful use of color. Judy Woods work is always a pleasure to view.

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    Especially love the white trees – how did you do that? Doesn’t look like paint. Thanks for sharing your work

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    Love the texture in your work! Thanks for sharing!

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    It was lovely to learn more about you Judy!

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