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What does mixed media mean to you?
I personally feel that mixed media gives you a creative license to play. It is chance to learn new techniques and try new products. It’s the freedom to make mistakes, learn what works for you and what doesn’t and grow as an artist. Mixed media allows you to challenge yourself, think outside your comfort zone and… get messy — that’s the best part!!

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How long have you been a mixed media artist?
On some level I have been interested in mixed media since I was a child. When I was young I remember spending hours on decoupage projects. As an adult I have been a mixed media artist for 2-3 years.

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How has art impacted or enhanced your life?
Art is a great outlet for me and provides a much needed creative break from the everyday routine. I look forward to hanging out in my studio and experimenting with color combinations of paint and mixed media products. I have met many wonderful people through teaching and taking mixed media classes.

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What are a few of the mixed media supplies you find yourself turning to the most
I love working on canvases with a wide variety of products. My go to products are modeling paste through stencils, stamps, gesso and acrylic paints. I prefer acrylics because they can be manipulated with water are quite forgiving.

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Who are some of your favorite mixed media artists?
So many artists inspired me! A few of my favorites are Dina Wakley – her style is carefree, expressive and just plain fun! I am also inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts. She has a whimsical and yet soulful spirit that is truly reflected in her art.

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Tell us about your creative process.
I usually have some idea of what I want to create. I start with a neutral background and build upon that layer by layer. The process often changes as I go along and truthfully I’m never sure of the outcome until it’s done! To me, that’s the beauty of Mixed Media.

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What makes your mixed-media art unique
What makes my art unique is the way I mix and apply products. I use a combination of old and new supplies and build up my project layer by layer. I’m done when the end result makes me happy.

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Where can we find you?
Blog: http://www.lynnkopas.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lynn.kopas

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lynnkopas/

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31077853@N03/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lynnkopas

headshot for mixed media may I have always loved art and photography. In 2006 I discovered Scrapbooking and loved how it showcased my photos. A few years ago I found myself drawn to Mixed Media Art. I took a few classes, practiced on my own – a lot, and was hooked!!

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  1. Phyllis Yanarella says:

    So enjoyed your interview and your take on mixed media. Hope to see lots more.

  2. Your work is lovely. I like it so much that I posted some of your art journal pages on Pinterest!

  3. Donna Bryant says:

    such stunning projects, each and every one!!!!

  4. I simply love the textures in your work, Lynn. Just beautiful!

  5. Lynn Kopas says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments!

  6. Ursula says:

    So bright and cheerful and beautiful! Luv! and I think that holder you used for the tag is very cool! Bright and new in something old and grunge- adore!

  7. Beautiful, colourful art!

  8. Lisa says:

    beautiful work Lynn! 🙂

  9. Lynn, your work is breath-taking! I love how detailed you get with your layering techniques. I also like how you utilized an old comb as a tag holder…so clever! Funny how one of our go-to products is modeling paste. It really does give a sculptural quality to the art. You have a new fan! What a great interview, Lynn. I’m so glad to connect with you 🙂 Thank you for sharing your charming art!

  10. gloria says:

    Thanks for sharing your love of mixed media – your work shown here is stunning!

  11. Beautiful creations!

  12. Sara Whitworth says:

    Here comes the sun is my favorite! Amazing work!

  13. Lynn Kopas says:

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments and support!

  14. Moira Burne says:

    I just love your art. It really inspired me to have a go. Never done mixed media before.

    You obviously have a great gift.

  15. Chache says:

    Your work is beautiful and I found you via Pintrest.
    Hope to see much more of it,,,, Chache

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