~*~ Mixed Media May ~*~ Rae Missigman ~*~

What does mixed media mean to you?
Mixed media is such a big word for an artist. It encompasses so many aspects of creating in my mind. A page in my journal filled with paint, sketching, doodled marks, journaling and collage pieces is what first comes to mind. If I give it more thought I see canvases filled with the same and more. I like to add fabric to a lot of my work and this certainly would fit the category of mixed media. Anything re-purposed or recycled seems to find a way into my mixed media projects too. I guess if it has more than one medium it qualifies as mixed media in my book.mixed media may 6

How long have you been a mixed media artist?
Without even realizing the definition of the word back then, i would have to say years now. It is a relatively new term for me, and yet i have been creating things in this fashion for a long time.

mixed media may 5

How has art impacted or enhanced your life?
I know everyone is saying it and I certainly did not coin the phrase, but art to me is healing. It has saved me in so many ways. I am an obsessive compulsive personality. Without art I am afraid of the damage I might do around me. I say this with a laugh, but seriously I would be organizing and straightening things to no end. In art I have found a way to keep my mind busy and de-stressed. It allows me a freedom I do not get when I am functioning in other areas of my life. Creating something beautiful is emotional on so many levels. I know for me, art has the power to elevate my mood as well as calm my mind. Plus it just makes my heart happy.

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What are a few of the mixed media supplies you find yourself turning to the most?
Craft paints are my go to staple. I also love the new neon colors of golden paint as well as the neon paint pens that are floating around out there. I could not live without a pencil or a fine permanent black marker. Oh and a white pen. I could be happy with these few things.

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Who are some of your favorite mixed media artists?
Traci Bautista and Pam Garrison.

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Tell us about your creative process.
I work best on the fly. Don’t give me a list and say make it happen. I can do that, but it isn’t where my creative juices flow the strongest. I like to flip through my art journals for inspiration. I like to look at old or used things in a new light. I like to let color inspire the project. All of these things I use as a springboard to be creative. If I get a great idea and I’m not in the studio I text myself a note or write it in my planner. The next step for me would be to sketch it out in my mind and make a rough draft on paper. I like to work as if it were the finished project. It seems to make me work harder and think more creatively. Nine times out of ten that project will be tweaked before it is all said and done, but it is amazing how close to the initial idea the finished product remains.

mixed media may 1

What makes your mixed-media art unique?
I am not sure. I would have to think that it is the way the finished page or project looks so much like its predecessors. Certainly, as with all things, my art morphs and grows along the way, but I feel like everything i do looks related. Color schemes are a big thing for me. I tend to reach for the same twelve colors over and over. The same goes for shapes. I use a handful in all my work, rarely branching out to others.

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Where can we find you?
Blog: raemissigman.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/raemissigman/347914808591991?ref=hl
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/raemissigman
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/raemissigman/

headshot for mixed media may I am a self taught mixed media artist, who loves to create, blog, write, take lots of photographs and instruct. I have a passion for re-purposing found items and turning them into something beautiful. It makes me happy to grab an armload of brightly colored paints and some art journal papers and start creating. I like to incorporate a bit of what surrounds me in my work, whether it be sketching something I found in nature or a dyeing a new favorite textile. My mission- to integrate up-cycled tidbits of everyday life into my art, has inspired me to approach creating in a whole new light. I no longer toss things aside, but instead reexamine them for artful purposes. I am happiest in my home based studio where I can balance family, faith and creating. I live in Florida with my supportive husband and five lovely children.
Rae is giving away  a set of four folding note cards with envelopes. Cards are a high quality print of her original artwork. She is also including three high quality glossy postcards of her original artwork. mixed media giveaway 1

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  1. Wow, what beautiful work! THanks for introductin me to Rae Cindy!!!!

  2. I like how Rae initially starts an artwork by planning it out as sketches on paper. Such a simple yet overlooked process of evolving a work. So cool that you like to incorporate fabric, too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and interview, Rae!

  3. Thanks Candy! This was an honor to be part of and great fun!

  4. Sara Whitworth says:

    I love your style, such beautiful colors. Thamk you for sharing your work!

  5. Dawn says:

    Love your work! It is so cheerful and happy! Thank you for all your work on DLP!

  6. Beautiful, creative, colourful artwork.

  7. I loved seeing your art work Rae!
    They are gorgeous, and I love the pear.

  8. ellen purtill-legare says:

    these are absolutely gorgeous, thanks for sharing…

  9. HilaryT says:

    Really inspiring! Love all your bright colors!

  10. Sandra Bruce says:

    Beautiful work.

  11. JanS says:

    Discovered her online workshops a few weeks ago. Love, Love, Love her style. Beautiful and inspiring!

  12. Lynn Roberts says:

    I feel like Rae is my soul sister! We have never officially “met” but I have followed her for a year or so, now, and each time we converse I find more and more similarities . She is so REAL! What a great interview.

  13. Christine says:

    Love your colors truely makes me smile

  14. Lynn Kopas says:

    Beautiful work! I love your color schemes! Thanks for sharing !

  15. Mary Werner says:

    That canvas under the art banner piece is extraordinary! I love your work and it makes me happy to look at it – my eyes keep seeing more and more.

  16. Charlotte says:

    Enjoyed reading about your art.

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